The Pastor's Corner - September 2021

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

Greetings to Somerville First United Methodist Church from your new Pastor, Brother Donald A. VanVoorhis and his wife Becky. First, I want to thank everyone for your warm reception to date. The Fifth Sunday Potluck was a great start for Becky and me to meet many of you and to enjoy fellowship and FOOD!

I will officially begin my time as pastor on Wednesday September 1, so while I am writing this I am still looking forward to our working together in the Lord’s work in the Somerville, Tn. area. As we begin this walk, feel free to let me know your expectations and anything you need from your pastor in the immediate few days and weeks. I will be working with the other paid and voluntary “laborers in Christ” to make sure I stay out of the way and to provide my input where appropriate. There is always many ways to get our work done, we each have thoughts, and of course, mine are always the best. But, unless needed I will probably keep them to myself. What is it they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

About me. I am a lifelong Methodist and have been serving churches in the Memphis Conference since 1999. I am an Air Force “Brat”, allowing me to live in many parts of the US and in England for 3 years. (When I was 3-6 years old) I finished high school in Birmingham, AL, attended Samford University, graduating in 1971 with a BA in Religion and German (dual major). To support my family during school I worked in a bank on the night shift. This job worked into a career in banking which I am retiring from at the end of this year. Since 1999 I have served churches in the Memphis Conference and while serving attended and graduated Memphis Theological Seminary in May 2005.

My wife Rebecca M. VanVoorhis (Becky) have been married for almost 54 years, we have two adult children who each have their own families. We have three grandsons, aged 16 to 21. My mother is our only living parent. She lives in Tulsa, OK. and turned 100 years old on April 1, 2021.

Again we look forward getting to know each of you and if there is anything that I can do for you, please let me know.

In Christ

Bro. Don VanVoorhis