The Pastor's Corner - November 2019

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

The End of Baseball Season...

It is November and baseball season is over. There are more than a few Christians in America that are more excited about baseball and their favorite team than they are about their church, but they probably won’t admit that as a fact. So let me share some thoughts about church and the great American game.

First, no team can predict the future, whether from the past or even the present.

After falling 19-31 on May 23, Washington ripped off the best 80-game stretch in club history. On the way to 93 wins, the D.C. team secured the top National League Wild Card slot, earning their spot in the championship series and posted comeback after comeback to finally secure a trophy not seen in their home town since 1924.

Second, leaders on any team, in the case of stars making millions of dollars, can never play without the support of the people we do not remember, or ever even hear their names. There are hundreds of people, and most of them are never on the field in a modern baseball organization.  

Third, it takes community support and a sense of identity for a team to exist.  

I would argue the church has a lot to learn from baseball. But baseball is a seasonal sport, and even with a long history, legends and stories, books full of statistics for comparison of the past to the present, it isn’t about transforming lives or families or offering eternal life.

I am always touched by the athletes that acknowledge their faith in God as the directing and most important relationship in their lives… many do.  

We all should as members of Christ’s church. October is past nearly at the end of the church year.

Advent and a new church year are a few weeks away. I pray November is the end of our season, oriented to Pentecost, that we finish our year with joy and pride and celebration.