The Pastor's Corner - May 2021

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

I have tried to put thoughts together about the month of May. It has not been easy to grasp all the different threads of where we are as a church or as families and individuals in the merry month of May 2021.


May 6th is National Day of Prayer. That is next Thursday. I hope we can weave all the threads of our lives together in prayer. I plan to have a menu of prayers to offer that day via email. So keep an eye on your inbox. We will also have links on the church web For all of our lives together as a Nation, let us pray.


We have exciting news about activities and projects around the church. For the first time in over a decade we have no debt. The CAC will be the venue to host a celebration and meal on May 23rd to celebrate the unofficial start of summer and, prayerfully, a return to more normal activities.

May 30th is a fifth Sunday and Memorial Day weekend so we bumped our gathering back a week.  POT LUCK MEAL! Those words are almost Holy in Methodism. So let's get our favorite recipes out and POT LUCK on the 23rd right after morning worship.



The month of May offers a bewildering number of opportunities to celebrate. Mothers Day, Graduations, weddings, ball games; just look at your calendar. We have so much to celebrate!


All of our joy, we know, presents in contrast the challenge of self-absorption and the sin that surfaces when our celebrations as well as our concerns are not shared.


Please pray on Thursday, especially, for our nation and our church.


Peace and Grace,