The Pastor's Corner - May 2020

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

The saying appears in the dialogue Republic, by the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato. I know it may be politically incorrect, but I am glad it wasn’t from some Chinese philosophy. Put an explicative in front of “Chinese” if you want to. Yes, I know that isn’t a very pastoral statement.

Necessity is the source of creative energy, but nearly always also a certain measure of disorientation. How could we have imagined what we have experienced in the last six weeks? How will we adapt and thrive in the unknown weeks and months of our future? We will see what develops as the “new normal’.

I am proud and grateful for all the ways we have adapted and adjusted in maintaining our connections at Somerville First United Methodist Church. Our “social networking” has been maintained although we have been physically distanced. Our online worship has been encouraging. Dr. Porterfield has adapted and patched together different software and produced a vibrant mix of Word, prayer, music, greeting, and comforting images in what I believe is unique for us here in Fayette County. I’ve looked at a few other church websites and believe our presence and participation is a better expression of “church” for us than any other that I have seen.

We have also presented a few new channels for daily Scripture reading and devotional time. Visit our website,, and browse if you haven’t done so lately. We have a daily Scripture reading, along with the weekly and “special day” video postings. Those posts are on the church Facebook page, on Vimeo (search “Somerville”), and on (search “Somerville UMC”).

We have discovered new applications in our church internet resources that will be beneficial going forward. There are some wonderful, creative possibilities in our future for whatever the details of any “new normal” may be.

All of the usual seasonal programs and projects for late Lent and Easter have happened in new ways.

Thanks to all who have participated, supported, and been in prayer with us.

We have also run into some complications. The Zoom application that allows for online meetings needs to be managed in ways that don’t open the door to bad actors on the internet. Meetings that were “open door” announcements have had to be redone to allow for better security. I had an interesting text message conversation with Agent Ford Smith wanting to send me an “award” under the stimulus plan. He hijacked one of the Fayette Leadership class member’s Facebook account. I think he may have been a Nigerian Prince. Very polite, but I don’t want him to have my banking information… insert emoji here…

All I have written above is oriented by the message in Luke 24:21: “but we had hoped…”

My sermon for April 26th, the Third Sunday of the Easter season, will explore the events of the Walk to Emmaus found in Luke 24:13-49.

Blessings, and Stay in Touch.

Rev. Brent Porterfield