The Pastor's Corner - March 2022

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

We are heading into a special season within the church.  Ash Wednesday, on March 2, 2022, begins the season of Lent. This year Lent has five Sundays. During these Sundays we will make every attempt to hear the Gospel message and respond. As we state during the Ash Wednesday service, we should “repent, and believe the gospel”. Throughout Lent our task is to pay particular attention to the scriptures presented and apply them to our lives: how these passages speak to us, where we are today, and what it is asking us to do going forward.

Of course our target in all of this introspection during Lent is to be prepared to celebrate Holy Week. To enjoy each part of the celebration, starting with the Triumphant Entry on Palm Sunday, moving through our Holy Week luncheons (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and on to Easter Sunday as the climax. Many people are actively working to make this a great season for our church here at Somerville FUMC. Please make every effort to participate where possible, to invite friends and family to join us and together we can make this a special, special season.

There is much in our church, community, state, country and the world to be mindful of during these trying times. But if we concentrate on making a better connection with our Maker and Redeemer, our souls will be better for it. I do believe that if we do concentrate on Godly things, we can, through prayer and hard work, make a difference in all of these areas. March, enables us to take time away from the chaos to contemplate where we are personally in our walk with God and what we can do to enhance that walk. As we, as a congregation, each work to be closer to God, God will bless us individually and as a loving congregation.

We have begun to contact those within our congregation that have not been participating in our in-house activities. We are attempting to connect with them in a positive way that will enable them to know the love that is in this church for them. If you receive a letter from us, please let us know how we can better serve you.

Please take a long look at the calendar in this newsletter. There is opportunity for eating stew, catfish, and Wednesday meals. If you are interested, there is opportunities to gather in fellowship at church and Sunday School on Sundays, at Wednesday meals and Bible Study, and at NTO offerings once a month. Don’t forget that the Men meet for breakfast and fellowship on the last Saturday of each month, at 8am.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Blessings and peace


Bro. Don VanVoorhis