The Pastor's Corner - April 2020

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

This Is The Day... Psalm 118:24

Let us Rejoice!

 Psalm 118 is a mainstay source of joy for the church. We read it several times throughout

the Christian year and on several important occasions in Holy Week and on Easter Day.

If there is any single element that identifies a Christian it is the

joyful understanding of God’s love shown in the gift of His Son.

Understanding God’s love is not just an intellectual certainty.

Knowing Jesus as Lord is full of mystery and as certain as a cool drink for the thirsty.

The mind and the “heart” find a place of comfort, assurance, peace,

surrender, joy, confidence, courage, and many other words that all together do not fully describe

how Christians know Christ as the fullest expression of God’s love.

Other religions express central themes and require certain observances of the faithful

but Christianity as a world religion has found a place in every culture, every complexion, every language, and every condition of humanity.

We know with certainty that Christians have died for their faith in defiance of the powers of the world.

Those witnesses (martyr is the Greek word for witnesses) live lives of rejoicing no matter the

challenge. Christians find joy in one another’s company especially. Any church expresses joy in the

fellowship shared there. Shared fellowship usually happens when people are in the same place. That is

the “why” of church buildings. But we know and always bear witness that the church

is not the “place” or the building but the people.

This is the time to remember that truth. Let us rejoice and be glad in it…

that we are the church inventing ways to be together at a distance.

Hearing a voice on a conference call and seeing a face on a

computer screen (along with the voice) is much deeper emotionally than we understand until we are deprived of the “face to face” fellowship of friends.

My prayer is that we can rejoice in ways that lift all of our spirits. This is the day the Lord has made.

Let us find ways to share the gladness in it.

Peace and Grace,