The Pastor's Corner - March 2020

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk


Every faith journey is complex.

That is why over the centuries the church has created a series of steps the faithful take, in the seasons of the Christian year, in harmony with the seasons of the astronomical year, that guide our understanding of God’s creation.

We began Lent on Wednesday the 26th of February as we celebrated Ash Wednesday. Maybe celebrated is not the best word… Ash Wednesday is solemn. “From dust you came, to dust you shall return.” But that is a physical reality.

Spiritually we yearn for the assurance of Eternal Life. Eternal Life is a never ending celebration.

The children that embraced the imposition of Ashes on Wednesday night with us were innocent to the depth of humanity represented. Perhaps not, but the spiritual lives of children are a marvel to me. Maybe children are the perfect example of God’s love present to us, in our apprehension of mortality, in that moment witnessed to all of us, a generation or two or even three removed, the meaning of the liturgy is best known by the children with us.

Lent is not about misery. Lent is, in the northern hemisphere, a celebration of lengthening days to be about our work as disciples.

In April we will shout Hallelujah! In March, we pray for guidance as we search for You… “God of Love and Grace.”

Praying for a deep, rich Lent.