The Pastor's Corner - February 2022

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

Greetings from the desk of your pastor. It appears we are finally working on some type of a routine. Hope you feel like we are back to "having Church" like you used to. Wednesday activities are back in full swing, children and youth activities are back as well as the Wednesday evening meal and Bible Study. It feels right. We could do with a little pickup in the numbers for Wednesday, but that will happen over time. Numbers seem to be holding pretty good for Sunday worship. Early service, that starts at 8:30 a.m. remailns small, but again as people becomemore comfortable getting out, I am sure that it will grow back to its "glory days".

We are woking toward approving a contract for the upgrading of the "sound system" in the sanctuary. The Finance Committee has approved the proposed cost and is now working on making sure the contract is appropriate. Once the contract is signed and the down payment made, you should see progress being made over the next couple of weeks.

Please let me know if there is any way that I can assist you in your walk with God. Because of the health issues, I am not initiating house calls. However, if you would like me to drop by, just call me or text me and we can set that up. It would be my pleasure to meet and visit with those of you that are still more or less "home bound" for any reason. We are all working through the new waters of "pandemic seas" together. Our clergy meetings and conference meeting/training have become Zoom meetings or other technologies assisted. So please feel free to contact me through any media that works for you , and I will try to accommodate.

To some degree February is a planning month for Ash Wednesday and the Easter activities of Palm Sunday, Easter week meals, and Easter Sunday. How exciting to be with you for this powerful season. May God enable us to have the most powerful and blessed Easter Season ever! You can help with this by attending when you are able and by letting me know how I can assist you to make this happen.

If you are watching us on Facebook via our "livestream" activities, and that is how you are comfortable remaining, please let us know. If you have decied to attend church with another congregaton, let us know that as well, because our intention is not to harass, but to serve you in the best way we can.

Finally, I just want to emphasize how excited I am to be here as we move into God's future at Somerville First United Methodist Church. Know that I will continue to make some mistakes, please bear with me for the sake of Christ!

Blessings and peace


Bro. Don VanVoorhis