The Pastor's Corner - February 2021

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk


We turn pages on the calendar from season to season. Most of us, I am certain, have hung at least one calendar, and likely a few more, around the house, the office, the shop, the cabin, and maybe the boat or RV. Even in a world with electronic calendars and software to mark our time, count our calories and our miles, we pause to reflect on the passing of days and looking forward to events.


Of the Church Seasons I observe Lent with the most rigor.


The season of Advent leading up to Christmas is joy filled, and shorter in days, both on the calendar and in the observed passing of daylight and dark. So this Lent, my second Lenten Season with you as Pastor, makes me take a special pause preparing for Easter. Lent is not the longest of the Church Seasons, the season after Pentecost is half the year, and I am grateful for a season of observance and discipline that is long enough to be a serious dedication but limited to a forty day and six Sunday term.


My Lenten Discipline will be to spend a few hours a day for forty days reading and reflecting on Exodus. I will be leading a “Live Group+Zoom” bible study starting on the 24th of February through March 31st at 6:00 in Davis Hall. You will get a Zoom invitation via the church email.


I am inviting interested folk in the community to participate both in the church and in the wider circle of people in Fayette County. My prayer is to have diverse backgrounds represented. A statement of the general idea is included in this newsletter and notices will run in the Fayette Falcon.


Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday, February 17th. We will begin Lent with a service of Holy Communion and Imposition of Ashes in the afternoon with the children and at 6:30 in our sanctuary.


Please be in touch with me directly on my mobile by voice or text: 901-456-6655, at my email address: pas[email protected] or through the church office if I may be helpful or answer questions.


Blessings as we look forward to celebrating the wonder of Easter on April 4th.


Yours in Christ,  BRENT