The Pastor's Corner - December 2020

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

Whew! It’s December.

The clocks are on standard time, the church is through its “administrative season” of charge conference, and we are in that respect leaning into a new year of the work we do in our committees and work areas.

As much as we are looking to 2021, and all the changes in store that we know are coming, it is Advent now and we anticipate Christmas as we prepare

for all the celebrations Christmas offers.

Advent is a season of paradox because it points to a climax observed in the entire culture of the nation. It is a Christian celebration that carries the entire economy and all the influence of economic power along whether you are a Christian or Jew or Muslim or of any other faith. It marks the end of a calendar year,

and the beginning of the Christian year.

My prayer for Somerville First United Methodist Church this Advent and Christmas season is for us to deeply feel the Advent message of Hope, Faith, Joy, and Peace reflected in the four candles we light each Sunday leading up to Christmas Day when we light the tall center candle, the Christ candle.

I pray we can patiently build each Sunday a sense of gratitude for the church we are a part of, and especially for the way each of us support one another

as we worship together.

For everything that we have, for all we look forward to, let’s be careful to hear the prophetic witness and affirmation of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.

The Lord’s glory will appear,

And all humanity

Will see it together;

The Lord’s mouth

Has commanded it.

Isaiah 40:5

Peace and Grace,