The Pastor's Corner - August 2021

The Vision Newsletter: Notes from the Pastor's Desk

A Time for Everything

There is a time for everything,    and a season for every activity under the heavens:


Somerville First United Methodist has been through a few years of unusual challenges. Most recent is how we have processed the Covid-19 pandemic. We had an uncertain future along with our brothers and sisters in every segment of our community. Schools, churches, businesses, civic groups, and among families and singles caring for themselves all struggled. We were especially blessed to be able to struggle together.

Thankfully, with vaccines and warmer weather along with a growing number of people with immunity developed in having the virus or being vaccinated our feeling of safety has much improved.

My prayer is we continue to have low infection numbers, that those who are not accepting the vaccine will behave responsibly, and the variants of the virus will continue to be controlled by the therapies and vaccines. We need to be attentive to the virus situation. Memphis is starting to react to rising cases presently.

Much of our life at Somerville First Methodist is nearly normal now.  Although we still see folk wearing masks school will start with in-classroom instruction in a few weeks under a sort of “caution status” and we will continue to see news of how the situation will change. Change is certain.

With school starting we will return to a much busier schedule of activities. Woohoo! Kim Gist has been hired at our Coordinator of Children and Youth Ministries and her official start is August 1st.

So, look for the events as they will roll out.  First is our Vacation Bible School “reunion” and Back to School Block Party on August 4th.  Later in the month, after school starts and schedules are more certain  the children and youth will meet on Wednesdays.

On September 1st Adult Bible Study will begin again and we are working on catering arrangements for the meals. We will break bread at 5:30 with the children and then kids and adults will separate for Bible Study and Program time.

Hopefully we will have a new administrative assistant hired and communication will begin to flow more smoothly.

Blessings and be safe, Stay Healthy.   Peace,

Rev. Brent Porterfield