Lay Leadership

Committee & Ministry Teams

Lay Leadership

Lay Leaders are connectors, deep listeners, facilitators and liaisons between the laity, the clergy and the staff. Their job is to continually discern how God’s Spirit is moving and guiding the church, its programs and ministries; and to bring what they discover into dialogue. Each is assigned as an ex-officio member to ministry teams and committees.

Lay Leader: John Burgette


Staff, Pastor, Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC)

The Staff Parish Relations Committee acts as a liaison between the Congregation and its staff and clergy so that Somerville FUMC is equipped to support the accomplishment of church goals. SPPRC sets employment policy, guides the work of the management team, and works to ensure that Somerville FUMC is a fulfilling place to work. It provides guidance on staff priorities, job descriptions and evaluations, and compensation. Members of this committee cannot be related to a Somerville FUMC staff member, and meetings are not open to non-committee members.

Members: Randy Elkins (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Dan Sutherland, Katrina Minor, Jim Pilcher, Jim Sanders, Carrie Smith, John Burgette, Pat Powell, Robert Hatcher, Lucinda German

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the supervision, oversight, and maintenance of all church-owned property, equipment and facilities so that we protect and preserve our physical property, administrative infrastructure and safety and security of the congregation and its missions. The Trustees help establish policies for the proper use of church facilities, develop disaster plans, oversee land acquisition, administer and invest all trusts of the church, and represent the church in all legal matters.

Members: Terry Renoux (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Dan Sutherland, John Minor, Kel Blanton, Rhea Taylor IV, Amy Campbell, Dwight Smith, Jim Smith, Wendy Renoux, Sylvan Meyer


The Finance Committee develops and administers a coordinated plan of fiscal and administrative policies and procedures for the church. It provides financial direction and communicates the church’s financial condition to the Administrative Board. Specifically, the Committee compiles an annual budget and oversees the receiving and expenditure of church funds, making sure that the funds are properly accounted for. It oversees the audit, stewardship and capital campaigns, and works with the Trustees and property managers to fund capital improvement projects. The Finance Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month in Davis Hall at 6:00pm.

Members: Dan Sutherland (Chair), Terry Renoux (Treasurer), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Molly McCarley (Alt Treasurer), John Thorpe (Alt Treasurer), Randy Elkins(SPPRC Chair), Dan Futral (Admin Board Chair), Rodney Parks, Margaret Browning, Jim Smith, Pat Powell, Stephen Johnson, Harold Keith, Whit Middlecoff, Jimmy Dobbins

Lay Leadership (Nominations Committee)

The Nominations Committee helps members and friends of the congregation utilize their gifts for ministry through serving the church. The Committee oversees the identification, development and care for the volunteer leaders at Somerville FUMC. Key initiatives include preparing the annual nomination slate and providing oversight of volunteer service and leadership development at the church. The Committee works throughout the year to name other leaders for the ministry that fulfill the mission of the congregation.

Members: Dan Sutherland (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Phil Harris, Helyn Keith, Jim Sanders, Kathy Dennie, Angela Johnson, Jan Taylor, Amy Campbell, Jacky Hatcher, Kim Gist


The Memorial Committee receives information from the church office of memorial/or honorarium gifts to the church each week. The Memorial Committee has the responsibility to acknowledge both the donor and a member of the family of the person being so remembered the receipt of such gifts. This is done on a weekly basis.

Members: Eugenia Kelley (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Dan Sutherland, Jacob Smith, Terry Renoux, Dan Futral, Dwight Smith

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary shall be responsible for tracking membership activity and record same in the Official Church Membership Book which is kept in the church secretary's office.

Members: Sherry Blanton (Chair), Linda Lamb

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for making known the coming events of Somerville FUMC through all media outlets (email, website, facebook, newspaper, etc.) to promote the events and ministry of Somerville FUMC.

Members: Molly McCarley (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Denise Perry, Dan Sutherland, Jan Craig, Stephanie German

Security Committee

Self-Inspections to help identify physical hazards inside and outside the church. The committee, in conjunction with the Board of Trustees, should also be involved in reviewing the church’s disaster plan. Drills can be practiced with church staff and other key personnel so they will know their responsibilities during each type of disaster, or a practice evacuation of the entire membership could be conducted during the year. The committee should review activities and help determine safety elements needed (specific activities should however be approved by the church board in advance).

Members: Patsy Wallace (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Dan Sutherland, David Fortune, Rodney Parks, Harold Pattat

Safe Sanctuary

Our purpose for establishing this Child Abuse Prevention Policy and accompanying procedures is to demonstrate our total and unwavering commitment to the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of all our children, youth, and vulnerable adults.

Members: Diane Jones (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Dan Sutherland, Eugenia Kelly, Alice Holden, Kimberly Gist, Angelia Johnson

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee seeks to use technology to improve communication in our congregation and community and to help us to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Members: Stephanie German (Chair), John Burgette, Robert Hatcher, Denise Perry, Nancy Smith, Dan Sutherland, Pastor Kyle Bomar

Worship Committee

The Worship Ministry team is responsible for the coordination of all aspects of the church services. This includes the implementation of worship themes and holy times of the year per the vision and direction of the Pastor (e.g., Advent, Lent activities, etc.). The Team maintains coordinators for components of the service, to include ushers, acolytes, communion stewards, lay leaders, altar flowers, paraments and banners, etc.

Members: Annnette Middlecoff (Chair), Pastor Kyle Bomar, Dan Sutherland, Nancy Smith, John Burgette, Cheryl Feathers, Amy Campbell

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