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Usage Policy for Davis Hall and CAC

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CAC/Davis Hall Usage Policy

Building and Equipment

The mission of the First United Methodist Church of Somerville “Where Love Abides” is to bring people to Christ and nurture spiritual growth, develop Christian leadership, and reach out to the community through an atmosphere of love, hope, healing and hospitality.  Our desire is for any ministry of First United Methodist Church, group, or organization held on church property to be a positive experience that brings honor and glory to Christ by demonstrating and modeling God-honoring stewardship of our facilities and equipment.  This is our Lord’s house and all are welcome.

PURPOSE: This policy will outline (1) who may use the Christian Activity Center (CAC) and/or Davis Hall, (2) the procedures for scheduling events, (3) the guidelines for using the facilities, and (4) the deposit and associated fees for using the facility. 

Approved Users and Priority of Use

1.    Who may use the Church facilities (in order of priority):

  1. Somerville First UMC groups or church members using the facilities as part of the ministry of the church.  No charge.
  2. Somerville First UMC members. No charge.
  3. Not for Profit groups that come as invited guest of the congregation of Somerville First UMC. No charge.
  4. All Not for Profit Service and charitable organizations (Hospice, Blood Banks, Fayette Cares, etc.) will be considered for use without charge for short-term use only.
  5. Outside social, civic, educational and non-service groups, and individuals using facilities for activities are subject to a facility fee. (See below for costs)

2.     Who may not use Church facilities:

a.    Partisan political groups

b.    Political meetings or any political purposes with the exception of use as a voting precinct location.

c.    Groups operating for commercial gain unless specifically approved as in Bazaar vendors. 

d.    Organizations and individuals whose activities are in conflict with the mission and doctrine of Somerville First United Methodist Church.

Scheduling Procedures

  1. Potential groups wishing to use church facilities should contact the Administrative Assistant at (901) 465-2627 during office hours for the policy and corresponding forms. 
  2. Scheduling meetings of Somerville First UMC will take precedence over all other requests.
  3. Requests for facility usage will be made to the Administrative Assistant by submitting the “Church Facility Reservation Request and Agreement”. 

     a. The Church Facility Reservation Request and Agreement must be completed and turned to the church office at least two (2) weeks prior to the event.

b.    This event will be reserved and placed on the church calendar only when the Senior Pastor or Trustee designee approves the use and the cleaning deposit and fee (see below) is paid. 

c.     The requestor will be notified by a phone call or by e-mail. 

4.     Reservations may be scheduled up to 180 days in advance.

5.     Events are limited to the space that is assigned.

6.     Facilities are available between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Use outside these hours may be approved by the Senior Pastor or Trustee designee.

7.     Refunds will be allowed up to 24 hours prior to any scheduled event.

8.   Any group desiring to include Somerville First United Methodist Church on advertised material or public service announcements must obtain prior approval from the Senior Pastor.

9.   Additional CAC Guidelines: 

a.    Use of the gymnasium in the CAC is considered an event, and an event reservation form must be filled out, approved, and the event placed on the church calendar.  No free play in the gymnasium will be approved if an event is already scheduled in the CAC.  The Senior Pastor may waive this guideline if it is determined that the noise from a play event will not interfere with a previously scheduled event held elsewhere in the CAC.

b.    FUMC groups may request specific rooms in the CAC.  

c.    The CAC will be unlocked 30 minutes prior to an event unless otherwise scheduled on the Event Reservation Form and locked 30 minutes following the ending time indicated on the Reservation Form.

d.    Outside group participants are the responsibility of the church or group whom they represent. The responsible party of the visiting group is required to sign the visitor , supplying the sponsor’s name and the name of the group. Visitors must comply with all policies and procedures. Those failing to comply will be asked to leave.

e.   Overnight stays by traveling faith-based groups are permissible if scheduling allows, and normal operations are not disrupted. 


Guidelines for Using Facilities

1.     All events must have at least one adult who is in charge of the reservation (responsible party) and is present during the entire event.

a.    The adult in charge of the reservation is responsible for reimbursing the church for any missing or broken items.

b.    The adult in charge of the reservation is responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the event’s paraphernalia immediately after the event.

2.     For events involving children and/or youth, the Safe Sanctuary Policy must be read and policy followed. 

a.    There must be at least two unrelated adults present.  

b.    Ratio of adults must be applied according to Safe Sanctuary Policy.

c.     Children are to be supervised by their parents or responsible party at all times and should not be allowed to roam freely on church property.

3.     Use of sound system equipment shall be requested and approved by Senior Pastor or Trustee designee.

4.     Smoking is prohibited on church property.

5.     Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on church property.

6.     Abusive language, profanity, fighting or destructive horseplay is not allowed.

7.     Food and drink are allowed only in the designated areas to be determined by the event.

8.     Pets are not allowed in the facilities.  Exceptions will be made for Service Animals.

9.     Nothing is to be attached to the wall or ceiling with tape, staples, tacks or anything that might be abrasive to the surface.

10.  Glitter is prohibited in the facilities.

11.  Paper products and other consumable products in the kitchen are for church use only.

12.  Only parents or adults in charge are allowed to use first aid equipment. All injuries must be reported to the Senior Pastor.

13.  Physical property may not be removed from the church property without advance approval by Senior Pastor or Trustee designee. This includes equipment, computers, tables, chairs, etc.  Any approved removal of property must be accompanied by a signed note indicating who removed, what they removed and an agreed time of return.

14.  No furniture is to be removed from Davis Hall including the organ and piano.

15.  FUMC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items brought to the church property. However, FUMC will make every reasonable effort to assist in the protection of personal property brought onto the church grounds.

16.  Facilities must be cleaned and should be left in the same or better condition in which they were found. The cleaning deposit will be forfeited if the following conditions are not met:

a.    Trash must be carried to the dumpster after all events.  If the event is held in the CAC place trash inside blue trash bins outside of CAC. If the event is held in Davis Hall, place trash in proper containers at the rear of the Education building.

b.    Kitchen will be cleaned.  All used kitchen equipment shall be cleaned and properly stored.

c.     All food items brought in must be removed from kitchen and fridge upon departure.

d.    Tables will be cleaned.

e.    If event is in Davis Hall: Six (6) chairs will be properly placed around each table and the wooden altar properly placed on the floor.

f.      Restrooms must be checked for left items. The adult in charge of the event should contact a staff member immediately if a restroom is in need of attention.

g.     Heating and cooling systems shall be properly adjusted.

h.    Lights will be turned off.

i.      Doors will be secured after event.

Additional CAC Policy Guidelines

1.     Skateboards, skates, or black soled marking shoes are NOT allowed in the CAC.

2.     Appropriate gym attire is required during all sporting events.

3.     Recreation church equipment is available to those reserving the CAC. The adult in charge of the reservation is responsible for putting away all equipment.

4.     Recreation equipment that is damaged should be immediately reported to the Senior Pastor or Trustee Designee. 

a.    The adult in charge is responsible for replacing damaged equipment if the damage resulted from misuse of the equipment.

b.    The adult in charge is responsible for reimbursing FUMC for any missing recreational church equipment after the event.

5.     FUMC will be made available for shelter, emergency aid, etc., when circumstances call for such a need.

Fee schedule:

1.     A refundable cleaning deposit of $200 will be required for all reservations with the exception of Somerville Church Groups/Ministries and members. Cleaning deposits will be applied or refunded 2 business days after usage provided there is no damage to the building or equipment and additional clean-up is not needed.

2.    Use of the CAC or Davis Hall for nonmembers and organizations will be $200 for a half day (up to 4 hours) and $350 for any reservation over 4 hours. 

3.    Fees will be refunded if the facilities are not available or if the reservation is canceled twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled usage.

Policy developed January 2009

Policy Revised September 2017


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