Get to know Pastor Kyle

Meet our Pastor

Kyle Bomar

I was born in Virginia, and first felt a call into ministry when I was in high school. I had a youth pastor who had taken the time to hear my questions and with our friendship I felt drawn to know God in a deeper sense. The problem of course was that the better I got to know God, the greater this tug on my heart became. This continued my junior and senior years of high school to the point a local pastor asked me if I would be interested in doing an internship as a youth pastor after I graduated. Under-qualified and eager I said yes. That began my “saying yes” to God’s call on my life, and I’ve been learning to “say yes” more every day since.

I became a United Methodist several years ago, through working in Murfreesboro, and having a gentle and kind pastor who was patient with me. He answered my questions and loaned me the Book of Discipline, which I would take home some nights after our talks and read the history, theology, and polity of our church. I was captivated. Within the UMC I have found a theological grammar to articulate the growing faith and sense of God’s calling on my life that I had felt for years. After working with youth for several years in Murfreesboro and as an associate pastor in Millington, I joyfully received an appointment to serve Embury United Methodist in Shelby Forest. Now after a few years I have been appointed here to Beautiful Somerville First United Methodist, where I am blessed and excited to pastor. We have been met with a warm welcome, and I can see the eagerness and faithfulness of this church already. 

In the last five years I have been blessed to be married to my best friend; Caitlin. We have two little rescue pups we adore, and are thrilled to announce our family will be growing soon with baby to be on the way. Caitlin is my heart, and my sunrise, often giving her natural joy to those around her, Christ chases away the clouds of night in my life through her. We both feel called to pursue ministry work and she is currently serving in Memphis at Idlewild Presbyterian as the Children's Ministry Director. We are excited to serve and love God’s people into greater mission and discipleship. Together our family eagerly seeks to say ‘yes’ again today to God’s ongoing call.

Grace and Peace